Wholesale list sheet and product line


We love to create unique fragrance profiles. What could be more fun than that? Creating something special with someone else!

At Wooly Wax Candles, we've had the pleasure of working with some very cool people to develop custom scented candles. If you want to create a custom scented candle for your retail shop, this year's holiday gift, maybe a special wedding day, or for any other occasion, please let us know.

Seriously, it's loads of fun!


Custom Scent Pricing

initial customization fee of $125 includes:


•customized scent

•Logo set up on label

2 cs minimum opening order/2 cs minimum reorder

Wholesale Pricing

(2 case / 24 candle minimum order)

2 cs/24 candle = $12

3 cases = $11

5 + cases = $10

suggested retail = $24 - $26

•••shipping not included•••

8 oz candle product line up


Burmese Teakwood

Burmese Teakwood is by far the favorite in the Wooly Wax candle line up. With deep notes of teakwood and tobacco, Burmese Teakwood might sound masculine but in fact has the perfect balance of subtle aromatics.

Violet | Carnation

Mild, woody and sweet with piquant, bright and vivid floral undertones.

Petitgrain | Vetiver

Rich aromatics inspired by top notes of orange and lemon are quickly followed by amber and vetiver and finish with base notes of oak and petitgrain, an extraction of oil from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree. 

Cucumber | Oakmoss

Cucumber | Oakmoss blends the refreshing scent of cucumber while finishing with woody, floral and green notes imparted by Northern Hemisphere Oakmoss. 

Rosemary | Eucalyptus

With notes of wood, bay leaf, thyme and refreshing citrus, bergamot/orange undertones, the Rosemary | Eucalyptus scented candle promotes wellness, refreshment and rejuvenation!

P.S. I love you

That’s what I love about Palm Springs! This travel inspired candle evolved from a special birthday trip I took to Palm Springs, CA. Notes of bright lemon, basil, rosemary and desert sage brings this candle to life.

Lemon | Cedar

The Lemon | Cedar candle opens with aromatic nuances that are bright, cheerful & vibrant. Lingering tones of sweet musk intertwine with golden amber at the base of the scent. Hints of cardamon help finish the intensely resinous-aromatic notes. 



Grapefruit | Apricot

A wonderfully refreshing and zesty mix of sweet and slightly bitter, herbaceous citrus smell, the grapefruit undertones reduces mental fatigue and promotes odor elimination while apricot top notes provide sweet, refined fruity notes reminiscent of peach and pear. 

San Francisco Fog

This candle was inspired by my Summer Road Trip 2015. As I drove through the Redwood Forest that spilled into the bay of San Francisco, the air was filled with rich notes of wood and eucalyptus followed with the bright mist of salt water.

Laws Whiskey House

Yes, that’s right, Wooly Wax Candles and Laws Whiskey House came together for the ultimate collaboration. This whiskey scented candle takes its scent profile directly from the small batch Secale Straight Rye from Laws Whiskey House. With notes of charred white oak, leather, caramel and tobacco, you’ll want to take a sip! But DON’T. Just light ‘er up, sit back adn enjoy the amber glow. 

Tangerine | Clove

The opening fruity-sweet notes of bergamot are quietly subdued by mild spice and orange. The scent profile rounds out with lemon, lime and grapefruit citrus notes that are softened by an ever so slight woody musk. 

Mile High

Ask any Coloradan and they will share a story of the unique fragrance found only in the Rocky Mountain foothills on a hot summer day. As the bark of the Ponderosa Pine heats up, it emits a distinct sweet smell that in combination with the dry, minerality of the soil evokes memories of the wild outdoors.

••All wooly wax candles are made with only the finest essential oils and fragrance oils. all candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and natural cotton wicks with  a burn time between 55 - 65 hours.