Custom Scented Candle Collaboration


We love to create unique fragrance profiles. What could be more fun than that? Well, creating something special with someone else! 

At Wooly Wax Candles, we have had the pleasure of working with some very cool people to develop custom scented candles. If you want to create a custom scented candle for your retail shop, this year's holiday gift, maybe a special wedding day, or for any other occasion, please let us know.  

Seriously, it's loads of fun!

The Process

Custom scents begin with you.  

We start with a conversation about what you're hoping to create with your custom scent, and from there, we talk about strong scent profiles that might evoke a memory, or create an emotion. Perhaps we'll talk about places you've been and that have been meaningful to you. We'll work together to capture the essence of that place.  

Like art, creating scents is your unique interpretation of a moment, a place, a feeling. What you want to think about every time you light your candle. We sit with you to bring out the notes and layers that will ultimately be your candle. 


Meet The Maker

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