Room Spray

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Room Spray


Made with only natural ingredients, the Wooly Wax Room Spray will freshen up any room. In fact, go a step further and spray a little on the pillow and sheets for a quick refreshment before you slide in. Comes in three amazing scents

Sandalwood is a sweet and woody fragrance that helps promote mental clarity and calmness. 

Rosemary | Eucalyptus - With notes of wood, bay leaf, thyme and refreshing citrus bergamot/orange undertones, the Rosemary | Eucalyptus scented candle promotes wellness, refreshment and rejuvenation!

Cedarwood | Jasmine  Just you wait! This might not sound like the obvious pairing but it’s one that will leave you pleasantly surprised. A unique blend balsamic rich, sharp, dry base notes with woody and sweet with piquant, bright and vivid white floral undertones of honeysuckle & jasmine. The perfect balance. 

2 oz bottle

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*All Wooly Wax Product Line items are made from natural and organic ingredients.