P.S. I love you

Last week I was in Palm Springs, one of my favorite places to hang with friends and just be.  I was there to celebrate my birthday, and we stayed @SparrowsLodge, a spectacular place to decompress. It was quiet, relaxing and all we did was sit by the pool, play cards by the fire and walk the property, enjoying the palm trees and full moon that night. 

As I walked the grounds, I ended up in the herb garden, and pulled a lemon off the pergola, and soon I had a handful of herb goodness that made me want to create something to remember this trip by. Sometimes we have special times with special people and we want to remember those moments.  This was Palm Springs.  This will be one of my next candles.  

P.S. I love you.


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Custom scented candles hand delivered to my retailer friends

Today I delivered our first batch of custom scented candles to Natalie at Relevant Goods.  Thank you Natalie, for being our first custom scent collaboration on this new venture.  I love your shop, and how diverse your offerings are in such an elegant setting.  Well done, and good luck to you on YOUR new venture. 

Here at Wooly Wax Candles we're looking forward to the next pour and delivery to our friend Maddy of Sub Rosa Mercantile boutique shop, which happens to have a lot of fun small-batch & handmade goods in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver.  Just another example of small businesses supporting one another.   Yay us! 

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The Official Launch Of Wooly Wax Candles!

It's official! We are live. Website is up. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts are locked and loaded and 8 cases of Wooly Wax Candles have just been delivered to two local shops; HoneyComb & Co. and Dragon Fly Apparel. 

Please stay tuned as Wooly Wax Candles and Sub Rosa Mercantile team up to produce a special scented candle sold exclusively online and at Sub Rosa. This should be fun! 



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