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Custom Scented Candle Collaboration

I met Maddy of Sub Rosa Mercantile last summer when I stumbled in to her adorable boutique shop that happened to be at the end of my street. I’d been eyeing a Hudson blanket she had nestled on display in the window which sweetly reminded me of my childhood. 

Over the summer I popped in and out of Sub Rosa Mercantile, checking out all the new small-batch and handmade goods she was featuring. I always found her to be so gracious, humble and just flat out cool. 

As Wooly Wax started to become a reality, we spoke a lot about candles and Maddy expressed an interest in collaborating on a Custom Scented Candle exclusively for her shop. 

A couple of sangrias later and we came up with a list of scent profiles that strongly evoked fond memories of her past and where she grew up. From there the Sub Rosa Mercantile candle was created. If you’re at all curious of what that smells like, I urge you to go visit her. 

So, Maddy, thank you for supporting Wooly Wax Candles and for encouraging me to just get the blanket!

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