Candle Movement Sale: 20% off + Free Shipping.

What is a Candle Movement Sale? We have to clear out some of the summer scents to make room for the delicious new Fall candles. We will be offering a 20% off sale for the next 2 weeks, so get yours now. AND, if your purchase is more than $50 we will ship to you for free!!! 

This is a limited offer. 

Fig | Orange - sweet, refined fruit-forward aromatic with resinous notes quietly subdued by mild spice, orange citrus and slight woody musk.

Violet | Carnation - Mild, woody and sweet with piquant, bright and vivid floral undertones.

Grapefruit | Apricot - Zesty mix of sweet and slightly bitter, herbaceous citrus smell, the grapefruit undertones.

P.S. I Love You - Notes of bright lemon, basil, rosemary and desert sage brings this candle to life. 

Vetiver | Rose - Bright green notes and refreshing citrus with a subtle blend of buttery rose and nutty notes with hints of earth and wood.

Lemongrass | Lime - Lemongrass and Lime essential oil.

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